Outfield Instructor
"T-Bone" Shelby carries himself as a man who is truly happy and thankful to be a part of baseball. To anyone he encounters, this feeling is infectious.

Shelby spent eleven years as a major league center fielder, five years as a minor league manager, and the last twelve years as a major league coach. He played on two World Series-winning teams, the 1983 Orioles and the 1988 Dodgers.

During the 1983 Series, Shelby made a game-saving defensive play and hit a game-winning RBI.

When he was traded to the Dodgers during the 1987 season, the team was so desperate for a center fielder that he was rushed into uniform and into his first game. There was not even time to put his name on the back of his uniform. He played the entire game as the only member of the Dodgers without his name stitched on his uniform.

During Game Four of the 1988 National League Championship Series, Shelby drew a crucial walk off Dwight Gooden in the top of the ninth inning, allowing Mike Scioscia to come up and hit a game-tying home run, paving the way for the game-winning home run by Kirk Gibson in the top of the twelfth inning. Then, in the 1988 World Series, Shelby made two game-ending catches.

John has passed his love of baseball to his family as well. His sons John and Jeremy have both played minor league ball, and his nephew, Josh Harrison, currently plays for the Pittsburgh Pirates.

"T-Bone" became his nickname because of his slight frame, but nowadays he looks to be in better shape than players half his age. His hard work, dedication to the game, and pleasant demeanor have made him one of the good guys in baseball.